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SICILIAN ART-INSPIRED JEWELRY by Maria Cristina Castellucci

Jewelry maker, Maria Cristina Castellucci of Palermo

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting Maria Cristina Castellucci of Palermo, and we were quite captivated by her project called The Foxies Papercrafts. We were so enamored with her work that we've invited Cristina to join the Gelsomino family of Sicilian artisans, to work together as a team toward our mission of bringing Sicilian excellence to the United States, and highlighting the rich artistic culture to which the island is home. We are thrilled and honored she has accepted our invitation!


Wearable art

Cristina is a journalist, whose profession takes her on assignment throughout the many beautiful regions of Sicily, each with its own unique contribution to Sicilian history and tradition. During her travels, Cristina takes pictures that capture this distinct character that is profoundly Sicilian, with a particular focus on artistic expression. She then takes her photographs of mosaics, embroideries, ancient maps, hand-painted Sicilian carretti, stuccos, and paintings and prints them onto paper to be masterfully transformed into handmade necklaces, earrings, rings, charms and bracelets: wearable art.

Art-inspired, unique one-of-a-kind pieces

Cristina approaches each object as a one-of-a-kind expression of art, as seen through the lens of her camera and then transformed into these marvelous wearable creations. Therefore, all are unique pieces, as no image is ever exactly the same. 

Authenticity guaranteed, elegant gift ideas, exclusively made in Sicily

Each object comes nestled in a beautifully designed box, decorated with the same image that inspired the creation of the artistic jewelry piece inside. Also included is a small brochure with a brief explanation and history of your selected piece. An ideal gift, exclusively made in Sicily.









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