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The scent of jasmine...or gelsomino, in italian

In the gardens of ancient Sicilian villas on warm summer evenings, the air is filled with the tireless song of the cicada, the soft glow of the moon, and the rich, intoxicating scent of jasmine – or gelsomino, in Italian.


A company born out of the love for Sicily - the island of flavors, colors, contrasts and contradictions

Sicily is known as the jewel of the Mediterranean, an island replete with vibrant flavors, colors, contrasts and contradictions. Gelsomino Imports, LLC was born out of our love for this island and the desire to share with you only the best of its many treasures. Let us be an open window for you, in the United States, into the Sicilian culture and way of life, and invite you to share in our passion for this land. 


Sicily: progressive and modern, with roots firmly planted in a rich history and culture

This is a land of the sun, the sea, ancient structures and historic cities. This is a land that is progressive and modern, yet with roots firmly planted in a history that is rich with culture and tradition. Our carefully selected suppliers are all renowned Sicilian artisans that naturally impart into their craft this extraordinary dynamic, resulting in uncommon beauty and characteristics that uniquely reflect all that is Sicily. 


Highest quality artisanal products, exclusively Made in Sicily: olive oil, gourmet food, jewelry, ceramics, art

It is therefore with great pride that we bring to you only the highest quality products that are exclusively Made in Sicily – such as premium extra virgin olive oil and authentic gourmet specialties, exquisite hand-crafted jewelry and ceramics, as well as elegant hand-made stationery, distinct prints and artwork.


L'amore per la Sicily - for the love of Sicily

What we do at Gelsomino Imports is simply for the love of Sicily – l'amore per la Sicilia – and we trust it is a love you will soon share with us through experiencing our products.

Niki Masino

Co-Founder & CEO


"Without Sicily, Italy leaves no image on the soul. It is the key to everything."


-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



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