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100% Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, authenticity guaranteed

In keeping with our laser-focus on bringing you only the best of MADE IN SICILY, we are most proud to present you with our varieties of 100% Sicilian extra virgin olive oil. What's so special about our oil is that it comes from two of the most renowned olive cultivars in the world, the Nocellara dell'Etna, from the Mt. Etna region in eastern Sicily, near the island's famous volcano; as well as the Nocellara del Belice, located in the Valle del Belice in western Sicily. These regions are well-known backdrops of Sicilian history and culture, and are also territories identified among the best olive-growing areas of the world.


Unique Sicilian climate, olive harvest

The atmosphere itself captures a survey of the Sicilian landscape - the plains, hills, ancient towns and structures all give testament to the close connection between culture and the land, as manifested in the people who live there. The people of this region have learned to interpret the moods of the unique Sicilian climate and its impact on the characterists of the pending olive harvest. The symbiosis between the community and agriculture serves as a way to mark and identify time, and is always evident and maximized during the harvest. At that time, usually in October, the territory explodes into a festa or holiday mode - as the pride of belonging and the warmth of Sicilian hospitality translate into the unforgettable flavors found in these superior oils, capturing a millennia year old culture and tradition itself in its liquid gold.


Fruity bouquet, intense flavor

Both the Nocellara dell'Etna and Nocellara del Belice extra virgin olive oils have low acidity and are rich in antioxidants. Both have a fruity and aromatic bouquet; with a flavor that is intense and well-rounded. While the Etna olive oil has hints of fresh-cut grass, with finishes of lemon and sun-dried tomato, the Belice EVOO also has notes of artichoke, almonds, bitters and spices.  


Our top quality olive oil partners: Azienda Brancati and Case di Latomie

We carefully selected olive oil suppliers, or partners as we prefer to call them, as they are partners with us in our mission to bring Sicilian excellence to the United States. Our Brancati and Case di Latomie olive oils represent regions that span the island, east to west ensuring that we bring you the highest quality, extra virgin olive oil made 100% exclusively from Sicilian olives. Our customer base in America continues to thrive as they discover the distinct superior quality of a premium Sicilian olive oil. Tasting is believing! 












From the extraordinary,

mineral-rich territory of Mt. Etna,

Sicily's beloved volcano,

we are delighted to introduce our new partner: 

Azienda Brancati 

of San Gregorio di Catania, Sicily

who will be supplying us with the finest quality 





A word from Giuseppe Buonanno

of Azienda Brancati:




"Our century-old farm is situated on the ‘Piana di Catania’ at the foot of Mt. Etna, the largest volcano in Europe, and one of the most active in the world. As such, our beloved volcano regularly blesses the local fields with its marvelous mineral-rich ash, thereby nourishing the soil and our locally-grown products, endowing them with many unique and wonderful characteristics. This Nocellara dell'Etna extra virgin olive oil is no exception. We produce this olive oil ourselves, handcrafted in small quantities, sparing no expense in order to preserve and exalt its extraordinary qualities. We begin our harvest very early in the season, while the olives are still green and thriving on the trees. Although this approach does not maximize oil production in term of quantity obtained from the harvested olives, it does maximize the flavors, the aromas, as well as nutraceutical values, that render our olive oil a product expressly made for the most discerning palates -- and this, of course, is more important to us than sheer quantity. The harvest itself is accomplished following strict traditional practices: it is done solely by hand. Using only rakes and nets, we meticulously pluck the precious fruit from each tree, exactly as it was done in these very fields over a hundred years ago. At the end of every harvesting day, the daily yield is carefully transported to area's finest organic olive mill where it is milled and pressed at low temperatures, so as to not compromise any of its unique organoleptic properties. After decantation and filtration, the oil is then stored in large steel barrels at the mill itself, at controlled temperatures under nitrogen to prevent oxidation. Olive oil requests are always bottled to order, to ensure that the freshest possible product reaches the tables of our customers, guaranteeing optimal fragrance and flavor. The flavors are hints of fresh cut grass, with finishes of lemon and sundried tomato. We are delighted to be working together with Gelsomino Imports in the mission of bringing Sicilian excellence to the USA. We hope America tries our Sicilian olive oil and tastes the difference in a superb quality organic EVOO from our extraordinary land."


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