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Hand-printed books, prints and gift ideas: Mario Grosso of Catania, Sicily

After over thirty years of experience in the creation of entirely hand-printed books, Mario Grosso of Catania, Sicily wanted to open up to a wider audience by presenting objects and gift ideas made entirely by hand, destined to a refined public.


Imprimaturarte - Associazione Culturale: pure artisanship, handcrafted realizations

As a result, a cultural association was born – ImprimaturArte - Associazione Culturale – with its mission of “pure artisanship,” ImprimaturArte offers the finest quality handcrafted realizations to its customers.

High quality prints of ancient Sicilian maps, images of Sicilian cities and culture


We at Gelsomino Imports are dedicated to bringing authentic Sicilian artisanship to the United States, and we are therefore honored and delighted to partner with Mr. Grosso to make available to you his marvelous creations – such as these beautiful, high quality prints of ancient Sicilian maps and images of the historic city of Catania, located at the foot of Mt. Etna. 


Elegant gift ideas, exclusively Made in Sicily

These items shown are available for immediate shipping, as indicated. Many more elegant gift ideas that are exclusively MADE IN SICILY are available via special order, also as indicated. Stay tuned to as we will be changing our product inventory often; and welcome your thoughts and opinions.


Please contact us directly via phone or email for all special orders or questions regarding product availability. 




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